Friday, October 19, 2012


All of this time, I thought Betty Crocker was real.  Didn’t you?  She’s not – she’s a figment of our imagination!  If you “google” her image you will get kind of a reverse (in the 50’s/right -  she looks so much older than in the 80’s -left yet I don’t think she’s actually aged!).  It also looks like the 80's BC decided to make her "brown eyes blue" (if you know what I mean ;).
She’s a conglomerate – a result of a corporate merger.  In 1930, General Mills – which is really a consolidation of 24+ companies started publishing promotional pamphlets by Betty Crocker.  “Betty” was chosen because it was a popular name at the time.  She was probably one of the first “super models” of her day if you think about it. Her image wasn’t real, she looked “hot” (lots of stove time) and had a line of products to boot!!

The best part is that she was created by a woman (no offense if you are a guy…).  Marjorie Husted was a home economist (housewife) and businesswoman (whodathunk?).  Go Marjorie with your 1950’s self!

The whole Betty Crocker thing is prompted because I was on another little trip to Goodwill and I ran across this handy little cookbook for 89 cents.  I thumbed through it and got really inspired in a “vintage-y” kind of way. 

It’s a theme that started earlier in the week when my 15 year old-aka-Monica L.  needed to make a “baby” book and we had to go through her memory boxes.  I found this! Circa 1959+ish.  “When pulled, the Bee's wings twirl, his antenna bounce, and he makes a realistic "Buzz-Buzz" sound. In 1956 the Bee was given a crown and introduced as the #314 Queen Buzzy Bee. The #444 Queen Bee came along in 1959 in a new color. After Easter 1962, the Bee was changed and given new colors again, but the new colors would be used for a whopping 23 years! 

 Notice, the bee was male until 1956, then he/she was given a crown and called “Queen” Buzzy Bee.  That’s an interesting piece of factual info in itself!  I want details!  ;)

So….Vintage…..what is our obsession?  I personally love to go to antique stores and scour the shelves for tiny pieces of my past.  One of my favorites are these old aluminum glasses.  We used these in the South for tea.  It was the perfect solution to a hot Summer day – sweet tea and ice.

If you want a set – Vanessa on etsy can help you out!

Today I worked with my “vintage” pink ornaments with “vintage” silk flowers.  I love working with the flowers because they are hand cut.  Some were marked from Germany with a tiny, old, yellowed sliver of paper.  The colors are different from what you see today at your local silk flower shop…..I think the best way to describe it is less obvious in your face color….they are subtle, delicate and mellowed.

Here is one of the ornaments.  I will be making a collection to sell at the Holiday Bazaar and on etsy.  The hanger is handmade in 18 gauge metal with a crystal bead.

Now, let’s check out a BC recipe for dinner!    

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