Thursday, October 11, 2012


Fall is officially in full swing up here in the North. My fireplace is graced with fresh soot as tiny twigs scent the chilled air with their perfume. This is always a fresh time of year for me. Physcially, it's when I was born - I always equate it with "starts". Artistically, this is when I begin new projects and as I head into my studio (dressed in layers) I am excited to discover what's to be.

Layering is part of my painting process. Painting, then scraping, then painting, then drawing, then scraping......the process can at times seem never-ending. Scrubbing back a tiny bit of paint to reveal another tiny bit of paint, uncovering is a process of discovery for me. My work then becomes alive and starts to reveal a personality and in a short time it has memories all it's own. Some of what I do is expected - after doing it so many times, I know what will happen. Sometimes though, even I am surprised by what shows up.

Right now, I am designing a series of 11 wine labels. Each label is unique to my style, but I want to try new techniques and expand my horizon a bit. Layering - of course, will be part of this process.

I personally do pick wines not only according to region and blend, but I am drawn to a wine partly because of the label. Actually, I am completely drawn to a wine because of the label. Let's face it, almost every single bottle is exactly the same, right? I am excited to get to work on a new project, in new medium in a smaller scale.

These lovely beauties serve as a reminder. They hang on my dining room wall awaiting fresh flowers (which I need to pick from my garden before it's too late!). The hardware I found on etsy. They are beautifully hand crafted pieces that I purchased from Amber from Great Bottles of Fire She is quite talented.

Stay tuned for which little pieces of art get picked for their "green bottle" debut!

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