Saturday, December 25, 2010

Current view outside my living room window.....brrrrr!!
Glittery garland aligns the mantle.  I found this beautiful strand at Michael's the day before Christmas.  Yes, it was marked down 70%!!! 
This is a Christmas ornament made of all recycled materials.  It contains bits of the following:  macaroni and cheese box, straw, dvd, cd, spiral notebook, push button telephone, Squirt bottle, milk bottle top, tuna fish can, alumininum foil, plastic, water bottle, Old Navy tennis shoe, cardboard, cell phone parts, Dairy Queen plastic spoon, copper wire, old checkbook cover, paper muffin cup, Diet Coke can and more!

The Reason for the Season

It's Christmas!  The ground is covered with a velvety, crystallized cloud and all is quiet.  We opened gifts last night and I am eyeing the packaging, ribbons and bows for secondary uses.  Maybe next year's ornament or gift tag.